Arthritis & Pain - Orthopedic Wraps, Braces and Supports

CarePoint Medical offers Medicare Approved, clinically proven Wraps and Supports that use compression therapy to reduce pain.

Many individuals suffer from ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis which may also require orthopedic braces and supports in order to lead a more active and rewarding life. From knees to elbows, backs and wrists, these Medicare covered supports and braces bring stability and relieve pain of strained bones and joints.

These are also ideal products for inflammation, post-surgery, edema, fibromyalgia and other pain related ailments.

Bracing options for knee replacements, carpal tunnel, and back discomfort.

Medicare covered products are available for:
wraps knees
wraps elbows
wraps wrists
wraps ankles
wraps backs
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