Bladder Control - Catheters

Important news for Catheter users:

Recent changes in Medicare and private insurance allow you to receive up to 200 catheters per month from CarePoint... at little or No Cost to You!

No more washing, re-using and risking infection.

Imagine This Kind of Protection:

  • CarePoint also provides leg and bag accessory products as well as sterile-procedure kits.
  • Intermittent catheters are available with either a straight tip or a curved (coude) tip.
  • For men, we also carry external/condom catheters.
More Catheter customers are switching to CarePoint because it’s convenient, they save time, and the products are discreetly delivered free to their home.
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Did you know...if you’re enrolled in Medicaid, your bladder control products can be covered at 100%.
It's Like Getting Your Products for FREE!
If you’re enrolled in Medicaid (as either your primary or secondary insurance), your supplies may be 100% covered when you get them delivered from CarePoint Medical. That’s right, you’ll get your bladder control products at NO COST TO YOU!
We’ll secure your prescription for you and then ship your products FREE to your door.

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