Diabetics! Did you know... you may
qualify for a Pair of Shoes each year,
at little or no cost!

Medicare provides diabetics with this Diabetic Shoe Benefit because properly fitting shoes can prevent the costly health complications connected with diabetes that can lead to amputations:

  • corns
  • calluses
  • sores

Choose from dozens of stylish shoes, boots and even sandals — at little or NO COST:

Diabetic Shoes Men's Sports Shoes
Diabetic Shoes Men's Casual Shoes
Diabetic Shoes Women's Sports Shoes
Diabetic Shoes Women's Casual Shoes
  • CarePoint will contact your doctor for approval and take care of all the paperwork.
  • Our shoe fitters come to your home to ensure you get a proper fit.
    • CarePoint uses the most advanced scanning technology to digitally imprint your feet. Our laboratory then fabricates your custom insoles.
    • Your CarePoint Fitter ensures a proper fit during the fitting/delivery visit.

Diabetics, and their physicians, understand how important it is to take good care of their feet. Diabetic feet are prone to poor circulation, numbness, bony deformities and ulcerations. Once a breakdown in the skin occurs due to rubbing in a shoe, it becomes difficult for them to heal. One of the most important things an individual with diabetes can do is to wear proper shoe gear that reduces or prevents this from occurring. Our therapeutic shoes for diabetics are designed with their feet in mind. They have-larger toe boxes to allow for any contracted or hammered toes. Extra depth allows room for our molded multi-density diabetic insoles which reduces pressure points.

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Medicare requires that Diabetic Shoes be fitted in-person.

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