Get Freedom Alert.

Freedom to Live Alone!  Freedom from Worry!  Anywhere in the House!

Emergencies can happen in ANY part of your house or yard.  What Would You Do if You Were in an Emergency?

Imagine This Kind of Protection:

You’ve fallen, you’re hurt and you can’t reach the phone.  With Freedom Alert you simply push the button on the pendent you’re wearing around your neck, wrist,  belt or in your pocket and help will be on the way.  Instantly you are speaking to your neighbor   if they don’t answer, your family member is called,  and finally if they don’t answer the 911 operator is contacted.  You can even choose the call order.

Or, you can simply have 911 called first.  It works 24hrs a day, 7 Days a week from anywhere in your house or yard.   Now THAT’S PROTECTION, THAT’S FREEDOM.

Plus, once you purchase it there is nothing more to pay!  And setting it up is easy.

With Freedom Alert, instead of having to yell to a base unit somewhere in the house, your wearable pendent sends a message to the base unit which in turn sends out your call.  This allows for the system to work anywhere in the house or even in the yard outside.

So Take the Worry out of living alone for you and your family---Get Freedom Alert Today!


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