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You can have a More Active and Satisfying Love Life at little or NO COST to you.

Unlike Viagra and Cialis, the Erectile Dysfunction Pump has no side effects and it’s covered by Medicare.

Forget the expense of prescription medication. Forget the side effects.

30% of men can’t take pills due to other medical conditions. Now you can take advantage of a safe, simple solution for erectile dysfunction delivered right to your home at little or NO COST to you.

sexual health erectile dysfunction pumpThe Elite Custom Manual Pump and Revive Battery Powered Pump provide vacuum therapy that mimics the body's natural function and produces an almost instant result. It’s predictable, reliable and spontaneous, so you and your partner can control when, where and how long you want to be intimate.

With your doctor’s prescription, the ED Pump is the only ED therapy that is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies. That means you only pay applicable deductibles or co-payments. Best of all, we’ll contact your doctor for your paperwork for you. Click here to view product details.

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We’ll secure your prescription for you and then ship your products FREE to your door.

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