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Spring 2011: Founder and CEO Dr. Dodd Levy, COO Tamara Eisele and CMO Kenneth Umansky met on Capitol Hill with several state congressional leaders and their staff to present the Carepoint team’s ideas for healthcare reform to help reduce fraud, over utilization and up coding.  A key topic in the fight to reduce overall healthcare spending.

Spring 2011: CarePoint Medicals ‘Walk in My Shoes’ program, our  unique  way  of marrying one of CarePoint’s  core product categories, shoes,  to a global donation endeavor moved  forward  towards its goal of becoming a global and scalable project as it’s school program was kicked off in a local Richmond, VA elementary school.  In this initial event, more than 234 pairs of shoes were donated to local charities.  Everyone has shoes gathering dust in their closet, why not give them to someone who really needs them.   Click here to read more about how you can become a part of this shoe donation movement.

Spring 2011: CarePoint adds Catheter products to its array of other healthcare products.  CarePoint Medical completes its first catheter TV commercial, furthering its mission of helping to  educate people on the products available to them to help them better manage their health issues… now using a broad reach medium to get the educational story across to more people.

Spring 2011: Brain NRG, a revolutionary nutriceutical formulated by Carepoint to assist an aging and cognitively challenged world have more brain and overall energy all from one capsule.  Brain NRG to begin consumer trials and test marketing later this summer,  but from early indications Brain NRG looks to be just what Americans have been searching for.

Spring 2011: CarePoint meets with Virginia State Delegate Jim Massey to discuss Carepoint Medical’s continued growth that has resulted in a July 2011 move to a new 22,000 sq ft office as well as additional hiring needs all in Richmond, VA.   Carepoint continues to be one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the State as well as in the Country.

Spring 2011:  Infusion PRN, a Carepoint family company, began the construction of a 5,000 sq.ft compounding infusion pharmacy in the Innsbrook neighborhood of Richmond, VA.  This specialty pharmacy is expected to be operational by the end of July 2011 and will serve the infusion needs of people in the region as well as nationally.

Winter 2010: CarePoint Medical begins a new phase of growth as it prepares to move into its new headquarters located in Richmond’s West End.

Winter 2010: Infusion PRN is formed and construction begins on its new pharmacy compounding facility in Richmond’s West End.

Winter 2010: Through our new retail products division, Nutriceuticals are brought on line to help serve a growing over-the-counter and non-prescription product need.

Fall 2010: Meetings with Congressman Week’s and Senator Webb’s office allow CarePoint to further its wish to provide public sector advice and service.

Summer 2010: CarePoint’s management team meets with the Congressman Eric Cantor in Richmond and on Capitol Hill to lend ideas for improving employment, reducing healthcare fraud in addition to expressing ideas on US healthcare as a whole.

Summer 2010: CarePoint launches its new Home Health division to further assist its patients and physicians in the greater Richmond area and beyond.  Roy Woolwine is named CarePoint’s Director of Home Health.

Spring 2010: CarePoint Medical announces the launch of its nationwide ‘Walk in My Shoes’ shoe donation program.  A long awaited program for the company, CarePoint endeavors to provide 10,000 pairs of gently used shoes to individuals that need them through the support of our representatives and through donations from our customers around the country.  CarePoint’s Lisa Moore takes on the management responsibilities of this important outreach program.

Spring 2010: CarePoint and the American Diabetes Association’s Washington D.C. chapter are discussing a joint marketing program that will tie together both entities endeavor to educate and provide health services to the diabetic community.

Spring 2010: Carepoint expands its product base to include catheters to its growing Bladder Control division.  In addition, Bone Stimulator devices that assist delayed unions secondary to trauma or surgical intervention, Continuous Passive Motion devices and other equipment are added to CarePoint Medical’s orthopedic line-up.

Spring 2010: The Richmond Times Dispatch reports on CarePoint Medical’s dynamic growth and its positive impact on the local Richmond economy. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/local/metrobusiness/article/NAME08_20100307-170008/328929/

Spring 2010: Diamedix Healthcare completes its year-long rebranding and conversion from its name, Diamedix Healthcare to CarePoint Medical to better reflect the company’s continued product and geographic expansion.

Spring 2010: CarePoint announces a partnership with JAKA consulting, founded by former Washington Redskin all-pro linebacker Ken Harvey and Allen Herbert.  The goal of the partnership is to provide better education and products to underserved African-American communities in the greater Washington DC area.

Winter 2010: CarePoint-Diamedix is named a 2010 recipient of the Richmond Companies to Watch Award by the Venture Forum. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/local/article/B-VENT30_20091029-220405/302466/

Winter 2009: In the month of December, as part of the company’s growth strategy and commitment to the Richmond area, Diamedix Healthcare hires 30 additional customer care representatives in Dec 09.  To date, the company has hired approximately 60 new employees in 2009 as it continues to expand its operation.

Spring 2009: Diamedix fills three key management roles in its corporate office in Richmond, Va.  Joseph Edmunds brings his considerable experience to the position of Vice President of New Business Development.  Shona Ensign comes on board to fill the positions of Comptroller and Compliance Officer and Jack Boswell joins the company as its National Sales Manager.

Spring 2009: Diamedix Healthcare moves into its new corporate operations office located in Richmond’s Reynolds Building-Biz Sense Business News Magazine. http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2009/03/19/medical-supplier-increases-its-footprint/#more-5699


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